Who we Are

The Omar Dengo Foundation (FOD) is a non-profit organization, whose main objective is the development of capabilities, through innovative educational proposals, supported by the use of new technologies.

Since its inception in 1987, the FOD designs and implements national and regional projects in the field of human development, educative innovation and the new technologies. These initiatives have contributed decisively to understand the use of technology in education, as a tool to extend people’s potential and functionality.

It has a founding group of professionals from widely recognized sectors. Also, it has a highly qualified multidisciplinary team, which allows putting into action internal and inter-agency networks, to carry out ambitious programs of real impact. A group of educational informatics advisors of the Ministry of Public Education (MEP for its acronym in Spanish), completes the FOD team, coordinating the implementation of educational proposals in the framework of the National Program of Educational Informatics (PRONIE MEP-FOD).

These different projects with emphasis on equal opportunities have benefited hundreds of thousands of people across the country, including: children and young students, teachers, professionals, people in communities, small entrepreneurs, people with disabilities and seniors. Specifically the PRONIE MEP-FOD serves more than 617.700 students and teachers, covering more than 83% of enrolled students at the end of 2016.

The models implemented by the FOD have made it known as a pioneering and advanced organization in the use of digital technologies in education, with international recognition.